What to see in Estepona

What to See in Estepona: Discover its Coastal Charms and History

Estepona, a charming town on the Costa del Sol, offers a wide variety of interesting places. Discover its old town with its charming cobbled streets and whitewashed houses adorned with colorful flower pots. You can also enjoy the impressive Orchid and Botanical Garden, as well as water activities on its beautiful beaches. In addition, Estepona’s Street Market and entertainment options like Selwo Aventura await you. Discover what to see and do in Estepona.

How to Get to Estepona

Getting to Estepona from Málaga

If you are visiting Estepona and are in Málaga, you have several options to reach this charming coastal town. The quickest and most convenient way is to take the A-7 motorway towards Algeciras. Follow the signs to Estepona and, in about 50 minutes, you will reach your destination.

Another alternative is to use public transport. From Málaga International Airport, you can take a taxi or bus to the  Estepona bus station. The journey takes about an hour and allows you to enjoy beautiful landscapes along the way.

Getting to Estepona from Marbella

If you are in Marbella and wish to travel to Estepona, you have different transportation options. The most convenient way is to take the AP-7 highway until you reach the Estepona exit. The car journey usually takes about 25 minutes, depending on traffic.

You can also opt for public transport. From Marbella, you can take a bus at the Marbella bus station to Estepona. The travel time varies but is usually around 30 minutes.

Places of Interest in Estepona

The Charm of the Old Town

Immerse yourself in the history and charm of Estepona’s old town. Wander its narrow cobbled streets and admire the picturesque whitewashed houses with their colorful flower pots. Be amazed by the beauty of Plaza de las Flores, with its lively atmosphere and terraces to enjoy a good meal. Enter the Church of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios and discover its Baroque architecture and beautiful altarpiece.

Discovering the Artistic Murals

Embark on the Mural Route and discover the fascinating collection of urban art that adorns the facades of buildings in Estepona. The murals, created by renowned local and international artists, tell stories and represent the rich culture of the city. Walk through the streets and admire these impressive open-air works of art.

Orchid and Botanical Garden

Immerse yourself in a natural beauty oasis at Estepona’s Orchid and Botanical Garden. Explore an incredible variety of orchids from different parts of the world, admiring their beauty and fragrance. Don’t miss the impressive vertical gardens and the stunning 17-meter high waterfall. This place is perfect for nature and architecture lovers.

  • Discover Estepona’s old town with its cobbled streets and whitewashed houses.
  • Explore the Mural Route and admire urban art on building facades.
  • Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Estepona’s Orchid and Botanical Garden.

In Estepona, you will find a perfect combination of history, art, and nature. Its coastal charm and incredible points of interest make this destination a unique place to discover on the Costa del Sol.

Estepona Street Market

One of Estepona’s most prominent attractions is its lively street market, a unique experience not to be missed during your visit. This popular market is held every Wednesday in the city center and offers a wide variety of products and items.

As you stroll through the market stalls, you can find everything from clothing and accessories to local crafts, souvenirs, fresh produce, and much more. It is the perfect place to look for bargains and special gifts to take back home.

Among the most popular items you can find at Estepona’s street market are leather goods, ceramics, handmade jewelry, and decorative objects. You will also find a large selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, sausages, cheeses, and other local products that will allow you to taste the authentic cuisine of the area.

In addition to the wide variety of products, Estepona’s street market also offers a vibrant and lively atmosphere. You can enjoy the mix of colors, aromas, and sounds while immersing yourself in the local culture and mingling with residents and other tourists.

If you’re looking for an authentic and fun experience during your stay in Estepona, you must visit the street market. Stroll among the stalls, haggle with the vendors, and seize the opportunity to take home genuine treasures from the Costa del Sol.

Shopping in Estepona

If you’re a shopping enthusiast, you’ll love Estepona. Here you’ll find a wide variety of shops and boutiques to satisfy your desire for unique and exclusive products.

The historic center of Estepona hosts numerous craft stores, where you can find locally made products such as ceramics, wicker, leather, and jewelry. These shops are perfect for those looking to take home a special souvenir from their visit to the city.

If you’re into fashion, don’t miss the clothing and designer accessory stores located in the Laguna Village shopping center. Here you’ll find well-known brands and high-quality clothing. You can also enjoy an exclusive and relaxed atmosphere while you shop.

For gastronomy lovers, Estepona has local markets where you can find a wide selection of fresh products, such as fruits, vegetables, fish, and seafood. You can enjoy delicious local flavors and take fresh ingredients with you to cook at your accommodation.

Don’t forget to visit the numerous souvenir shops scattered throughout the city. Here you can find all kinds of souvenirs, from magnets and postcards to t-shirts and typical decorative items from the area.

  • Historic center: local craft stores.
  • Laguna Village shopping center: fashion and designer accessory stores.
  • Local markets: fresh products and local gastronomy.
  • Souvenir shops: souvenirs and typical items from the area.

In Estepona, shopping options are varied and promise to delight even the most demanding visitors. Enjoy a unique experience and find the perfect gift or that special item you’re looking for!

Entertainment Offerings in Estepona

Water Activities on the Beaches of Estepona

The beaches of Estepona are the perfect place to enjoy a variety of water activities. Surfing enthusiasts can take advantage of the waves and glide across the sea’s surface. Those who prefer diving can immerse themselves in the crystal-clear waters to explore the lively and colorful seabeds. There is also the option of sailing for those who wish to take boat rides and enjoy the beautiful views of the coast. In short, Estepona offers a unique experience for sea lovers and their exciting activities.

Selwo Aventura and the Surrounding Nature

Selwo Aventura is a theme park located in Estepona that offers an incredible experience in nature and wildlife. Here, visitors can observe and learn about more than 2,000 animals from different parts of the world, including lions, giraffes, elephants, and many more. Moreover, the park is surrounded by the stunning Sierra Bermeja, where nature enthusiasts can enjoy beautiful walking trails and take in impressive views of Gibraltar and the African coast. Selwo Aventura is the ideal place to spend a day in contact with wildlife and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding Estepona.

Reviews and Opinions about Estepona

Discover what visitors say about Estepona and its main attractions. Both TripAdvisor reviews and tourist ratings offer a unique perspective on the experience of visiting this charming coastal town.

TripAdvisor Reviews

On TripAdvisor, travelers praise the beauty of Estepona’s old town, with its cobbled streets and whitewashed houses. They highlight the artistic murals that adorn the facades, creating a creative and picturesque atmosphere. Additionally, the Orchid and Botanical Garden impress with its collection of orchids from around the world and its stunning vertical gardens.

Nature lovers also praise the Sierra Bermeja, where one can enjoy breathtaking views of Gibraltar and the African coast. Many recommend hiking in this area to appreciate its natural beauty.

Tourist Ratings

Tourist ratings highlight Estepona’s Marina as a vibrant and lively place, with a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and bars overlooking luxurious yachts. Water sports enthusiasts also mention Estepona’s beaches as ideal for surfing, diving, and sailing.

Selwo Adventure Park is very popular among families, offering the opportunity to see more than 2,000 animals from around the world in a natural environment. Tourists praise the facilities and highlight the close interaction with the animals as an exciting experience.

  • Estepona’s old town with its cobbled streets and whitewashed houses
  • The artistic murals that decorate the facades of the buildings
  • The impressive Orchid and Botanical Garden
  • The Sierra Bermeja and its stunning views
  • The lively Marina of Estepona with its shops, restaurants, and bars
  • The beaches of Estepona for water sports
  • Selwo Adventure Park and its variety of animals

Transportation and Excursions from and in Estepona

Explore all the transportation options available for getting around from and within Estepona. Additionally, discover the exciting excursions you can take from this charming town on the Costa del Sol.

Boat Excursions and Private Transfers

Embark on an exciting maritime adventure with various boat excursions from Estepona. Enjoy peaceful sailboat or catamaran rides, where you can contemplate the stunning views of the coast and discover its charming hidden coves.

If you prefer a more personalized experience, private transfers will provide you with comfort and flexibility to explore Estepona’s surroundings. Hire an exclusive service that will take you to destinations like Marbella, Málaga, or other nearby cities, without worrying about public transport.

Guided Tours and Other Transportation Options

Discover the history and charms of Estepona through the guided tours available in the area. Accompanied by local experts, you can explore the city’s most interesting corners and learn about its fascinating heritage. From visits to the old town to specific thematic tours, there are options for all tastes.

In addition to guided tours, you can also opt for renting a car or using public transport to move around Estepona and its surroundings. Car rental gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace, while public transport allows you to travel comfortably and economically through the region.

  • Discover Estepona’s history with a guided tour of its charming old town.
  • Explore the most beautiful coves on the coast during a boat excursion from Estepona.
  • Take advantage of private transfers to reach destinations like Marbella or Málaga comfortably and exclusively.
  • Immerse yourself in the local culture through thematic tours and guided visits.
  • Opt for car rental for greater flexibility or use public transport to move around Estepona and its surroundings economically.

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