What is the Breeam Certificate?

Breeam Certificate in New Buildings in Costa del Sol

Breeam is the world’s foremost used environmental assessment method for building sustainability. Simply put, it sets the standard for the best practice in sustainable design plus it has become the recognized measure of a building’s environmental performance.

Breeam is a leading methodology that makes sure buildings are compliant when it comes to sustainable construction and design. It can be used to assess both new developments and refurbishments.

The certificate evaluates different characteristics defined in various construction phases, from the choice of materials to the design and finally the maintenance of the building.

Breeam may be a voluntary seal that goes beyond mandatory regulation, but companies that opt for it demonstrate a serious commitment to sustainability and a strong desire to protect the environment.

How it works

Seen as the benchmark for sustainable development, while increasing environmental awareness across the globe, the Breeam assessment takes into account various aspects in order to determine the certificate’s eligibility.

It assesses sustainability against a range of different targets and then rewards performance if it delivers environmental, social or economic benefits.

The criteria and categories that Breeam assessors take into account include:

• Pollution
• Waste
• Ecology
• Energy
• management
• Water consumption
• Construction materials
• Efficiency
• Health and wellness

Assessors reward points to a building on each of the categories which are then multiplied by an environmental weighting factor. The overall score is then determined by adding the individual category score together after which a building is given a Breeam rating.

Objectives of the Breeam certificate

1. To recognize, reward and promote best practices in the sector

2. Improve buildings’ environmental performance and reduce their impact on the environment during construction and throughout the life of a building.

3. Disseminate and highlight the economic benefits of sustainability to interested customers and parties.

4. Provide a rounded method of measuring and monitoring the environmental performance of buildings.

Benefits of Breeam Certificate

Breeam Certificate Benefits

• Its inherent focus upon sustainability design has helped in creating a more sustainable environment across the Costa del Sol, the rest of Spain and throughout Europe.

• High Breeam ratings can increase the value of a property while Breeam certified properties are in high demand.

• It has helped to focus development strategies centered on finding ways to reduce CO2 emissions, minimizing construction waste and improving the environment.

• It can lower the running cost for a property through energy-efficient lighting, low water consumption components, and efficient heating systems.

New Developments with Breeam Certificate on the Costa del Sol

Along the Costa del Sol we can find several developments boasting the Breeam Certificate. In Estepona Las Mesas Homes and Scenic are backed by BREEAM Certificate. Casares Homes is another example of this environmentally friendly construction in Casares Costa.

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