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Real estate Market trends 2023

New trends in buying property on the Costa del Sol

Bricks and mortar have reaffirmed their solidity since the pandemic. Never before has the concept of home been so important. In addition, real estate has packed a punch over assets such as stocks and shares. As a result, tendencies have shifted, and new trends in buying property on the Costa del Sol have appeared. In…

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Costa del Sol Property

Costa del Sol Property Review Q3 2022

Latest Costa del Sol Property Review Q3 2022 As yet another challenging year draws to a close, the Costa del Sol property market ends 2022 with buoyant sales, ever-increasing prices and sky-high rental rates. The area has also seen an uptick in foreign investment, underlining its appeal to the international market as both an investment…

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Wealth Tax Andalucia

Latest news on the Andalucia’s Wealth Tax

Andalucia’s wealth tax was abolished and income tax reduced, but what does that actually mean? In late September, the Andalucian regional government announced two tax breaks for residents and non-residents in their latest package of initiatives. The first abolished wealth tax in Andalucia, making it only the second region in Spain to do so. For…

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