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Buying a Home in Málaga Costa: Detailed and Updated Guide 2024

Buying a home on the Western Costa del Sol has become a very attractive option. The region of Málaga, especially in areas such as Benalmádena and Torremolinos, offers a wide variety of properties. From luxurious penthouses at more accessible prices to chalets and villas, the offering is diverse and tailored to different budgets. This article details the most popular areas, the types of properties available, and the purchase procedure.

Real Estate Market Situation on the Western Costa del Sol

The real estate market of the Western Costa del Sol is marked by a wide offer of housing and a variability of prices that attracts different buyer profiles.

Offer of Flats, Houses, and Other Dwellings

The real estate offer on the Western Costa del Sol, especially in areas such as Benalmádena and Torremolinos, is abundant and varied. You can find second-hand flats, new-build properties, penthouses, chalets, villas, and more. Currently, there are about 7,255 second-hand flats and 90 new constructions available on the market.

Price Analysis

The price analysis on the Western Costa del Sol shows a clear variability depending on location, type of property, and specific characteristics of the property. Price differences also reflect the level of luxury and exclusivity associated with each property.

Price per Square Meter (m²)

The price per square meter on the Western Costa del Sol can vary significantly. For example, a luxury penthouse can have a much higher price than a standard home. The market offers various options ranging from accessible properties to those of high luxury.

Property Comparison

To better understand the market, it is useful to compare different properties. For example, a 212 m² penthouse in Las Cañas, Torremolinos, is priced at €1,150,000, while an 81 m² penthouse on Calle Helios, Benalmádena, is sold for €269,000. These comparisons help buyers understand the relationship between price, size, and property features.

Types of Available Properties

The real estate market on the Western Costa del Sol offers a wide variety of property types, each with its own advantages and features. The main types of properties available are described below.

Flats and Apartments

Flats and apartments are popular options in this region. They can be found in both modern buildings and more traditional constructions. They are ideal for those seeking a central and accessible location, close to services and leisure spaces.

Chalets and Villas

Chalets and villas represent more exclusive options and are usually located in quiet residential areas, offering greater privacy and larger spaces. These properties typically have gardens, swimming pools, and other amenities that make them especially attractive for families or those seeking more luxury.


Penthouses are particularly coveted for their panoramic views and large terraces. On the Western Costa del Sol, it is possible to find from luxury penthouses to more accessible options, each with unique features that make them attractive to different types of buyers.


Studios are ideal for singles, young couples, or as an investment for holiday rentals. They tend to be more affordable and offer compact and functional solutions for those looking for a property on the Western Costa del Sol without needing large spaces.

Popular Areas for Buying Property

The province of Málaga offers a great diversity of attractive localities for buying properties, especially highlighting Benalmádena and Torremolinos.


Popular Areas in Benalmádena

Benalmádena is one of the most demanded areas of the Western Costa del Sol. It has several zones that stand out for their real estate offer and quality of life:

  • Arroyo de la Miel: This is one of the most central and vibrant areas of Benalmádena, known for its access to services, shops, and restaurants. It is ideal for families and professionals looking for urban life with amenities.
  • Benalmádena Costa: This area extends along the coastline and is highly coveted for its proximity to the beach and views of the Mediterranean. It is perfect for those wishing to enjoy the sea and a wide range of leisure activities.
  • Torrequebrada: Popular for its golf courses and luxury properties. It is an attractive option for those seeking exclusivity and tranquility.
  • La Capellanía: A quiet residential area with high-level villas and chalets, ideal for those seeking privacy without straying too far from services.

Most Sought-After Property Types in Benalmádena

Benalmádena offers a variety of property types, adapting to different needs and budgets.

  • Apartments and Flats: These are the most common properties. They offer modern amenities and are usually close to services and public transportation.
  • Penthouses: Sought after for their panoramic views and large terraces. They are ideal for those who value outdoor space and a privileged view of the sea.
  • Chalets and Villas: They offer greater privacy and larger spaces. They are popular in areas such as Torrequebrada and La Capellanía.
  • Townhouses: These offer a good balance between space and community. They are ideal for families who want a bit more space than what an apartment offers.


Popular Areas in Torremolinos

Torremolinos is another emblematic city of the Western Costa del Sol and has several prominent areas for buying properties:

  • Los Álamos: It is one of the most prestigious areas, known for its luxury properties and proximity to the beach. It is ideal for those seeking a sophisticated lifestyle.
  • La Carihuela: An area that retains the traditional charm of fishermen. It is very popular for its gastronomic offerings and quality beaches.
  • El Bajondillo: Located next to the beach and famous for its lively nightlife and hotel offerings. It is a perfect area for those who enjoy leisure and outdoor activities.
  • Playamar: A residential area with access to numerous services, ideal for families and seniors seeking tranquility and comfort.

Most Sought-After Property Types in Torremolinos

Torremolinos offers a vast range of properties that cater to different needs and lifestyles:

  • Apartments and Flats: These are very popular thanks to their ease of maintenance and proximity to services and beaches.
  • Penthouses: Sought after for their large terraces and spectacular views. They are an excellent option for those who enjoy ample outdoor space.
  • Chalets and Villas: They provide a more private environment and larger spaces. They are ideal in areas like Los Álamos.
  • Studios: Perfect for singles or young couples looking for an affordable option without giving up proximity to the sea and services.

Other Localities in the Province of Málaga

Other localities in the province of Málaga also offer excellent opportunities for buying properties, each with its particular characteristics.


Marbella is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. Properties here are highly coveted for their high quality and privileged location. The most prestigious areas include Puerto Banús, the Golden Mile, and Sierra Blanca.


Fuengirola is extremely popular among expatriates, offering a vibrant international community. Its extensive beach and lively atmosphere make it an attractive place for both vacationing and permanent residence.


Estepona combines tradition and modernity, with a charming old town and modern developments along its coastline. It is an attractive option for those seeking a balance between tranquility and activity.


Mijas is known for its picturesque old town and beautiful beaches. It offers a mix of modern and traditional homes, being very popular among international buyers.


Casares is characterized by its traditional charm and location in a privileged natural environment. Properties here are usually Andalusian-style, ideal for those seeking authenticity and tranquility.


Vélez-Málaga offers a combination of coast and inland, with properties ranging from apartments in Torre del Mar to farms in the surroundings. It is an attractive option for those seeking diversity and proximity to the Málaga capital.


Algarrobo is a quieter locality, ideal for those seeking a more relaxed life near the coast. Real estate options include both traditional houses and modern apartments.


Manilva, near the border with Cádiz, is known for its beaches and vineyards. It offers a variety of properties, from sea-view apartments to rural houses, being an interesting option for investors and permanent residents.



Procedure for Buying a Home

Buying a home in Málaga Costa involves following a series of steps that will ensure a successful and surprise-free acquisition.

Steps Before Buying

Initial Research

The first step is to carry out thorough research using real estate portals, such as Fotocasa, to explore the options available on the market. It is vital to assess different areas and types of properties to identify what best suits your needs and budget. In this phase, possible financing sources should also be considered.

Visits and Comparison

After the initial research, it is essential to make visits to the selected properties. These visits can be in-person or virtual, depending on availability and preferences. During the visits, multiple aspects should be evaluated, such as the views, orientation, construction quality, and more. Comparing different options will help make an informed decision.

Negotiation and Offer

Once the ideal property is identified, the next step is to negotiate the final price with the seller. This negotiation should be firm but fair, always seeking the best possible deal. The formal offer is made in writing, detailing the agreed price and the conditions of the purchase.

Necessary Documentation


The National Identity Document (DNI) or Foreigner Identity Number (NIE) are essential for any real estate transaction in Spain. These documents identify the buyer and are necessary to complete all the formalities of the purchase.

Fiscal Identification Number (NIF)

The Fiscal Identification Number (NIF) is mandatory for tax and legal purposes, especially if the buyer is not a resident in Spain. This number allows managing the taxes and other fiscal obligations associated with the sale.

Arras Contract

The arras contract is a preliminary agreement between the buyer and the seller that secures the reservation of the property. Generally, a deposit that is usually 10% of the purchase price is delivered. This contract commits both parties to proceed with the sale under the agreed conditions.


If financing is needed, it is crucial to negotiate with various banking entities to obtain the best possible mortgage. Factors such as the interest rate (fixed or variable), the amortization period, and any associated fees should be compared. Having the mortgage pre-approved before signing the purchase contract is advisable to avoid inconveniences.

Public Deed

The public deed is the legal document that formalizes the sale of the property. This document must be signed before a notary by both parties: the buyer and the seller. Subsequently, the deed is registered in the Property Registry, ensuring the legality of the process and the official registration of the transaction.

Investing in New Construction vs. Second-Hand

Investing in new construction and second-hand properties on the Costa del Sol offers various advantages that should be carefully analyzed.

Advantages of New Construction

Modernity and Energy Efficiency

Newly built homes usually feature the latest technological advancements in construction, resulting in more efficient management of energy resources. The construction materials and air conditioning systems used in these properties are more sustainable, which is reflected in lower energy consumption and, therefore, a reduction in utility bills. Modern standards of thermal and acoustic insulation also significantly improve the comfort of the occupants.


One of the significant advantages of investing in a new construction home is the possibility of customizing it according to your tastes and needs. Usually, developers allow buyers to choose finishes, layouts, and sometimes some materials, ensuring that the home perfectly adapts to your preferences. This customization capability can turn a house into a true home, as it gives the freedom to design it to measure.

Developer’s Guarantee

New properties offer the additional security of a warranty, generally provided by the developer. This warranty covers possible structural and construction defects that may arise in the first years of use. In Spain, the law requires developers to offer a ten-year guarantee for structural defects, providing peace of mind to buyers against potential future problems.

Advantages of Second-Hand

Variety of Options

The second-hand property market on the Costa del Sol is very broad, offering a significant variety of styles, locations, and prices. This diversity makes it easier for buyers to find a home that suits their needs and budget. Additionally, second-hand homes are usually located in already established areas, with access to services and public transport, which can be a plus for many buyers.


One of the most attractive reasons to opt for a second-hand property is the price. In general, used homes tend to be less expensive than new ones, allowing buyers to access better locations or larger homes for the same budget. Moreover, there are greater negotiation opportunities, which can result in a more advantageous final purchase price.


The purchase of a second-hand property is usually a quicker process compared to new construction. Since used homes are already built and ready to inhabit, waiting times are eliminated. This aspect is especially relevant for those who need to move immediately or cannot wait for the completion of new construction, making second-hand properties a practical and convenient option.

Financing Options and Taxation

Buying a home on the Western Costa del Sol involves a series of financial and tax considerations. It is essential to understand all available options to make an informed decision.

Mortgages and Financing

When financing the purchase of a home, mortgages are the most common option. In Spain, banks offer various types of mortgages, with features that can vary significantly from one entity to another. It is important to compare offers to find the option that best suits our needs.

Factors to consider when evaluating mortgages include:

  • Interest rate: It can be fixed or variable. Fixed-rate mortgages offer stability by maintaining the same interest throughout the term. Variable-rate mortgages may be cheaper initially but are subject to market fluctuations.
  • Amortization period: The time during which the mortgage will be paid. A longer term can reduce monthly payments but means paying more interest in the long run.
  • Commissions and associated costs: Some banks charge fees for opening, studying, or early cancellation. It is also important to consider other expenses such as home or life insurance.

Costs Associated with the Purchase

In addition to the price of the home, there are several additional costs that must be considered when buying a property. These costs can vary depending on whether the home is new or second-hand.

Property Transfer Tax (ITP)

This tax applies to the purchase of second-hand homes. The percentage varies depending on the autonomous community and the price of the property. In Andalusia, the general rate is 8%, but it can vary depending on the value of the property.


For the purchase of new homes, instead of the ITP, VAT is applied. The general VAT rate for homes in Spain is 10%. This tax applies to both the home and annexes (garages and storage rooms) if they are acquired in the same operation.

Notary and Registry

The formalization of the purchase requires the intervention of a notary for the signing of the public deed. Notarial fees are usually proportional to the price of the home. Subsequently, the deed must be registered in the Property Registry, which also incurs additional costs. The fees of these professionals are regulated by law, although they may vary slightly.

Real Estate Agency Fees

In many cases, the purchase of a home is made through a real estate agency. Agencies usually charge a commission that can range between 3% and 6% of the sale price. This cost is normally borne by the buyer, although in some cases it can be negotiated with the seller.

Legal Aspects and Procedures

When buying a home on the Western Costa del Sol, it is crucial to consider several legal and administrative aspects.

Legal Verification of the Property

Before proceeding with the purchase of a home, it is essential to carry out a thorough verification of all legal aspects related to the property.

Charges and Encumbrances

One of the key points is to ensure that the property is free of charges and encumbrances. This means that there should be no outstanding debts, uncancelled mortgages, or liens on the property. To verify this, it is advisable to request a simple note from the Property Registry, where all possible charges or encumbrances affecting the property will be listed.

In case any charge is found, it should be negotiated with the seller to be removed before signing the purchase contract. Additionally, it is advisable to consult with a lawyer specialized in real estate law to ensure that all legal aspects are in order.

First Occupation License

Another important document is the first occupation license. This license confirms that the property complies with all legal and urban planning requirements necessary to be inhabited. It is especially relevant in the case of new construction homes, where it must be verified that the developer has this document before making the purchase.

If the property does not have this license, there could be difficulties in carrying out subsequent procedures such as contracting water and electricity supplies. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that this license is in order before finalizing the transaction.

Purchase-Sale Contract

The purchase-sale contract is one of the most important documents in the process of buying a home. This contract establishes the conditions under which the transaction is carried out and must be carefully reviewed before signing.

  • Clauses and Conditions of the Contract

    The contract must clearly include all the clauses and conditions agreed between the buyer and the seller. Among them, the sale price, payment method, and the deadline for the delivery of the property should be highlighted. It should also specify if there are penalties for non-compliance by any of the parties.

  • Formalization Before a Notary

    Once reviewed and agreed upon, the contract must be formalized before a notary through the public deed. The public deed is a notarial document that grants legality to the transaction and is essential to be able to register the property in the Property Registry.

    The signing before a notary is the final step where both parties, buyer and seller, ratify the agreement and proceed with the payment of the purchase price. The notary will verify that all documentation is in order and that the property is sold free of charges.

  • Registration in the Property Registry

    After the signing before the notary, the last crucial stage is the registration of the new deed in the Property Registry. This registration grants publicity and legal security to the purchase, formalizing the change of ownership of the property.

    It is advisable to carry out this procedure as soon as possible to avoid any eventualities or future legal problems. The registration guarantees the buyer that their new property is properly registered in their name.

Investment Opportunities on the Western Costa del Sol

The Western Costa del Sol offers numerous real estate investment opportunities, from flats and apartments to chalets and commercial properties, adapting to all types of investors.

Flats and Apartments

Penthouses with Terrace

Penthouses with terraces are a highly demanded option on the Western Costa del Sol. They stand out for offering impressive panoramic views and private outdoor spaces. These properties are usually located in central areas or close to the beach, providing a perfect combination of comfort and luxury.

The terraces of these penthouses allow you to enjoy the privileged climate of the region, being ideal for outdoor dinners and moments of relaxation. They are usually equipped with modern amenities, elevating the quality of life of their owners.

Flats with Sea Views

Flats with sea views represent a safe and attractive investment. The possibility of waking up every day with the sea on the horizon is one of the greatest attractions of these properties. They are available in a wide range of sizes and prices, from the most accessible to the luxurious.

This type of housing not only provides a unique living experience but also has high potential for revaluation, especially in high-demand tourist areas such as Benalmádena and Torremolinos.

Chalets and Villas

Properties with Pool

Properties with pools are highly valued by those seeking privacy and comfort. These homes allow you to enjoy an exclusive leisure space without leaving home. They are equipped with large gardens and often have additional facilities such as barbecues and rest areas.

A private pool not only adds value to the property but also improves the quality of life, turning every day into a vacation experience. These properties are ideal both for living permanently and for investment in holiday rentals.

Chalets Near the Golf Course

Chalets near golf courses are a particularly attractive option for sports enthusiasts. The Costa del Sol, known as the ‘Golf Coast’, is home to a large number of prestigious courses, and homes in their vicinity attract national and international buyers.

These properties offer green views and unmatched tranquility. Living in a community surrounded by nature and with access to high-quality sports activities makes them a perfect retreat for relaxing or actively living.

Lands and New Construction

Lands for Construction

Investing in lands for construction is an option full of possibilities. Acquiring land allows you to develop residential projects tailored to the specific needs and tastes of investors. This option is especially attractive for those who wish to build their dream home from scratch.

Lands on the Western Costa del Sol vary in size and location, from urban plots to more extensive lands in rural areas. They represent an investment opportunity with the potential for high profitability, given the constant demand in the region.

New Construction Promotions

Promotions of new construction are increasingly popular due to the benefits they offer. These homes are usually built with the latest standards of energy efficiency and modern design. They offer the possibility to customize many details before the completion of construction.

Investing in new construction guarantees a defect-free property and compliance with current regulations. It is an excellent option both for living and for renting out, ensuring sustained revaluation over time.

Commercial and Logistic Real Estate

Local and Offices

Investing in commercial premises and offices is an opportunity to diversify the real estate portfolio. The Western Costa del Sol, with its vibrant economy and constant influx of tourists, offers a high demand for commercial spaces. These properties can generate regular income through commercial rentals.

Premises in central areas and well-located office spaces are particularly attractive for entrepreneurs and startups, ensuring constant occupation and good profitability. Investing in this type of property allows you to take advantage of the region’s constant economic growth.

Industrial Warehouses

Industrial warehouses are a solid option for those interested in the logistics sector. The Costa del Sol, with its strategic position and excellent transport connections, makes these properties highly demanded by companies needing storage or production space.

These properties are usually located in well-connected industrial estates, facilitating access and distribution. Investing in industrial warehouses can offer high profitability, especially in such a dynamic economy as that of the Western Costa del Sol.

Garages and Storage Rooms

Garage Sales

Garage sales are a practical and profitable investment. The growing demand for parking spaces, especially in urban and tourist areas, ensures high turnover and continuous occupation. Garages provide a stable income source with low maintenance costs.

These properties are especially in demand in cities with high population density and tourist areas where parking is scarce. Acquiring multiple garage spaces can generate an attractive and constant passive income.

Storage Room Sales

Storage rooms are another excellent investment opportunity on the Western Costa del Sol. With the lack of space in urban homes, the demand for storage rooms has increased considerably. These spaces are used to store belongings of all kinds, from bicycles to documents.

Investing in storage rooms ensures constant occupation and low operational costs. They offer a practical solution both for permanent residents and for owners of second homes who need additional storage space.

Rentals on the Western Costa del Sol

Renting for Vacations

Vacation rental is one of the most profitable investments on the Western Costa del Sol. The region attracts millions of tourists each year, ensuring a high demand for properties for short-term rentals. Vacation rental income can be significantly higher compared to long-term rentals.

Properties such as apartments with sea views, chalets with pools, and well-located studios are particularly popular among tourists. This form of investment allows for quick benefits and maximizes profitability during the high tourism season.

Long-Term Rentals

Long-term rental on the Western Costa del Sol is also a solid investment option. With a growing population and a constant flow of international residents, the demand for homes to rent long-term is high. This ensures a stable and enduring income for owners.

The most demanded homes for long-term rental include centrally located flats, chalets in residential areas, and apartments in well-connected areas. Investing in properties for long-term rental offers security and a constant return over time.


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