best extreme sports in Andalucia

Top 5 Extreme Sports in Andalucia

Top 5 Extreme Sports in Andalucia

Southern Spain offers much more than just sun and sandy beaches. For the adrenaline junkie, there’s no better place to get the blood flowing and experience the intense thrill of your favourite extreme sport. Andalucia is a mecca for outdoor adventure sports, and people travel from all over the world to experience the danger and excitement these activities have to offer. I have complied below my Top 5 adrenaline-packed sports in Andalucia:
Top extreme sports locations in Andalucia

1. Skydiving – Fear Factor 5/5

Most of us have dreamed about flying and believe it or not it’s possible to safely jump from a plane at 1500 feet, fly through the air and live to tell the tale afterwards. As life experiences go, skydiving is the ultimate rush. Anyone can enjoy this extreme sport either through being securely attached to a qualified instructor (tandem) or doing it solo. Some people jump once or some jump 1000 times, but everyone agrees, it’s the most thrilling extreme sport. There are many good Skydiving schools in Southern Spain, but for top-quality instructors, check out Sky Dive Spain based in Seville:
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2. KiteSurfing – Fear Factor 3/5

A long stretch of golden sand along Southen Spain’s Atlantic coast has been dubbed “The kiting capital of Europe” after the highly popular extreme water sport has made the small Spanish coastal town of Tarifa it’s home. The basic idea is using kites of different sizes and lengths to catch the wind and pull a surfer over the water on a small board. It can be an exhilarating experience as surfers test their physical limits against the wind and waves, but it’s the element of danger that has thrill-seekers coming back each summer for more. For those testing the waters, a beginners course is mandatory, and Tarifa has a massive number of Kiteschools to choose from with Addict kite school probably being one of the best:
Kite Surfing in Andalucia

3. Snowboarding – Fear Factor 3/5

“Snow” and “Spain” are two words you’d rarely use in the same sentence, but surprisingly enough a mountain range in Andalucia called Sierra Nevada is one of the biggest Ski Resorts in Southern Europe. The Sierra Nevada slopes are long and full of powdery snow making it the ideal destination for winter sports. Snowboarding could be explained as the thrill of surfing but on snow and in the middle of winter. The rider stands on the board with his or her left foot forward, facing one side, and both feet are attached to the board. For the more experienced boarders, there’s plenty of jumps and long ski runs to get the adrenaline flowing. Snowboarding equipment and gear and can easily be rented at the resort, and there are also some excellent ski schools. Speaking from my personal experience, the British Ski Centre ticks a lot of boxes and are bi-lingual:
Snowboarding in Andalucia

4. White Water Rafting – Fear Factor 4/5

If you are looking for an extreme experience, then white water rafting is the one for you. Rafting has become a popular water sport in Spain. Steering through rough waters, and passing over treacherous rapids, you soon realize what an adrenaline rush rafting is. The Guadalfeo river in the province of Granada in Andalucia offers one of the most hardcore rafting experiences anywhere. It’s a grade IV in terms of difficulty, and it’s not for the faint-hearted. The trip consists of a 4km warm-up, followed by a 6km stretch of madness. If that’s got your heart racing contact Activities Marbella for more info:
Extreme Sports activities in Andalucia

5. Scuba Diving – Fear Factor 3/5

The anticipation of adventure and the rush of adrenaline while submerging below the surface when taking that first Dive into the deep blue ocean is a unique feeling. Once below, you can experience the beauty of an underwater world teeming with life and colour in near weightlessness. It can be peaceful and serene floating effortlessly through crystal clear water. There are many excellent dive schools along Spain’s Mediterranean coast making the Costa del Sol an unbeatable place to learn how to Scuba Dive. For more information on Padi registered Dive Schools visit:

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