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Wealth Tax Andalucia

Latest news on the Andalucia’s Wealth Tax

Andalucia’s wealth tax was abolished and income tax reduced, but what does that actually mean? In late September, the Andalucian regional government announced two tax breaks for residents and non-residents in their latest package of initiatives. The first abolished wealth tax in Andalucia, making it only the second region in Spain to do so. For…

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How to Obtain a Spanish Driving Licence

How to Obtain a Valid Spanish Driving Licence

If you are an ex-pat and planning to drive in Spain indefinitely, check out my guide on how to change your current driving licence to a valid Spanish Driving Licence.

Now that Brexit has finally happened and we’re in the 12 month transition period which lasts until 31 December 2020, I’m sure there’s a clamour of people looking to change their UK licence to a Spanish Driving Licence. So with that thought in mind, I’ve done my best to cover the different scenarios that not just our friends from the UK will encounter, but any ex-pat without a Spanish driving licence planning to drive in Spain indefinitely.

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