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Qué impuestos se pagan al comprar una casa en España

Taxes to pay when buying a new house in Spain

If you’re curious about the taxes involved in buying a house in Spain, it’s essential to understand that various taxes apply. For instance, the Value Added Tax (VAT) amounts to 10% of the property’s registered value. The Tax on Documented Legal Acts (IAJD) is also levied, ranging from 0.5% to 1.5%. When purchasing a resale…

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Wealth Tax Andalucia

Latest news on the Andalucia’s Wealth Tax

Andalucia’s wealth tax was abolished and income tax reduced, but what does that actually mean? In late September, the Andalucian regional government announced two tax breaks for residents and non-residents in their latest package of initiatives. The first abolished wealth tax in Andalucia, making it only the second region in Spain to do so. For…

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